To run RailControl correctly, some settings are required.

On the main screen one can open the configuration of the setting with the icon :


The language of RailControl can be choosen. All texts will be displayed in this language. Available languages are English, German and Spanish.

Default switching duration (ms)

The accessories have to be turned on and after the effective switching turned off again. New accessories can switch within 100ms. Older and inert accessories require 250ms to switch. Some controls handle the switching time itself, so 0ms can be choosen..

Automatically add unknown feedbacks

Most controls send information about changing feedbacks even if they are not configured by RailControl. RailControl can use this information to automatically configure those feedbacks.

Turn off current on feedback in free track

If this option is selected RailControl turns off current and blocks a track if a feedback is activated in a given track but RailControl does not expect a train in this track.

Select route by

In automatic operation RailControl has to choose a route if there are several possibilities. The priority to choose a route can be controlled with different concepts. Routes that are actually used will never be chosen.

Do not care: The chosen route is not important. Usually the first configured route will be chosen.

Random: The route is chosen by random.

Shortest track: The route with the shortest destination track will be chosen.

Longest unused: The route that is not used for the longest time will be chosen.

# of tracks to reserve

The number of tracks that will be reserved in automatic operation. If only one route is reserved the train stops at the end of each route.

Log level

The level when actions are logged.

Errors: All serious errors will be logged.

Warnings: Additionally warnings will be logged. Usually a correct execution of RailControl will not be possible any more.

Information: All actions will be logged. This setting is recommended.

Debug: All actions will be logged. Especially if you want to find an error this setting makes sense.