Each locomotive on a railway layout has to be configured correctly to be controled by RailControl.

On the main screen one can open the configuration of the setting with the icon . Alternatively at the selected locomotive one can use the icon to get directly to the settings of that locomotive.





If more than one control is configured by RailControl, the control that controls the locomotive has to be selected. Otherwise the selection is not shown at all.


If the control supports more than one digital protocol, the protocol that is used by de locomotive has to be selected.


The digital address that is used by de locomotive has to be entered.

Train Length

The length of the train prefered in cm. This is mainly user for the automatc operation to deside if a train can enter a route or a destination track.



RailControl supports multitraction. It is required that all locomotives in a multitraction have the same speed at the same level. Also should all locomotives know the absolute driving direction. Märklin Motorola 1 does not support absolute driving direction.

One locomotive can have configured several other slave locomotives, which then have the same behavior like the master locomotive.


Push-Pull train

A push-pull train can run in both directions. In automode RailControl can change the running direction of a push-pull train. If push-pull train is not selected, RailControl will only try to continue the journey of the train in the same running direction.

Maximum speed

The maximum speed of the train can entered here. This is important for manual operation. The setting here does not have an effect if the speed is set at the control.Betrieb, jedoch nicht wenn die Geschwindigkeit von der Zentrale aus schneller gestellt wird.

Travel speed

This speed is used by RailControl for normal operation in automode.

Reduced speed

The reduced speed is used by RailControl in automode if the first feedback of the route is reached.

Creeping speed

The creeping speed is used by RailControl in automode if the second feedback of the route is reached.