New Version 20 at 2021-05-22

Announcements about new versions of RailControl
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New Version 20 at 2021-05-22

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At 2021-05-22 the version 20 of RailControl has been published. Direct link: RailControl Download

New is:
- New element Text
- Elements can be moved by drag-and-drop, if the shift-key is pressed at the same time.
- Elements can be rotated by clicking on the element, if the shift-key is pressed at the same time.
- The most important functions of the elements are available by clicking on the element with a left click instead of a right click.
- Unused signal aspects can be deactivated.
- Fullscreen mode (is not supported by all browsers).
- The coloring has been reworked. Especially in dark rooms RailControl is not the sun anymore.
- Tams Master Control is supported.
- Uhlenbrock Intellibox is supported.
- Fleischmann Twin-Center is supported.
- Switches and locos which are controlled by a Märklin Mobile App or a software CS2 are now recognized and shown correctly in RailControl.
- Functions above F15 are imported correctly now.
- Many bugfixes.

Have fun!
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